IRONMAN Coeur d'Alene RentQR Testimonials

July 09, 2014

"When I first signed up for ironman CDA, I knew the logistical decision of how to get my bike from Denver to Idaho was looming. After doing a bit of research I landed on the possibility of renting a bike at the event from QR rental. My main hesitation lie with the fact that I had not trained on a tri bike, nor had I ridden one before. I ran the idea of renting a bike past some coworkers (who had participated in full distance triathlons and i assume already have $6k tri-bikes). All scoffed at such a ludicrously sounding idea. 

After I looked up a local shop that sold them to see how they looked and took one for a spin. I was immediately sold on the idea and called a friend I was doing the triathlon with and got him on board. Please note that we both have basic ($600) road bikes, which would have been $300 to ship to the event and I thought to be ludicrous. After getting to the event and hooking up with Greg and Trey, they got my pedals on in a breeze, got the bike fit in under 20 mins, and got me on my way. Everything went eerily smooth. 

 Looking back, I am extremely happy with my decision to put trust in the QR rental program. Their bike was neatly put together and everything was clean, lubed and ready to race. Returning the bike was just as simple. 
In the future, I will certainly be paying a little extra to rent a badass QR bike in lieu of shipping my beater across the country for roughly the same price. The fit was perfect and Greg and Trey even took extra time to help my brother out on the fit for his personal bike. 
Thanks again QR!" - Brett  A                          


"It was great working with you.  Sweet bike and I'll rent from you again." - Brad C.


"The bicycle I rented performed great!  You adjusted the bike perfectly and it allowed me to complete the 112 miles efficiently and comfortably. It was nice not having to bother with the hassles of transporting a bicycle to the Ironman. Thanks again!" - Brett T.


"It made all the difference in the world to be on a beautiful and freshly-tuned bike for the long, brutal leg of the Ironman. I was on the fence about renting before the race and I am SO happy I did. The process really couldn't have been easier. It was nice that the bike was already pretty much dialed in for me when I arrived (one less thing to worry about) and after a short ride on the trainer and some minor tweaks, I was ready to rock. Can't say enough about you guys and the bike that I got to ride in the biggest race of my life so far, my first Ironman! Hope to rent from you again soon!" - Chris B.



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