IRONMAN Boulder Testimonials

August 12, 2014

"No complaints about the bike or rental process. The bike worked well and had no mechanical issues. I was untrained for the 7hrs in aero position but that's my fault! Thanks for making the process easy and the hat/shirt" - Jerry

"The bike was awesome! The course was challenging, and I'm stoked  I decided to go with y'all. The sizing, tire pressure, and bike itself was perfect. Thanks again!!" - Chris

"The bike rocked- the only downfall is now I want it !!! No problems at all-I can't think of anything you guys could have done better, you were professional and helped when needed. Seat, battery, fitting.... Thanks so much for all your help." - Jill

"Overall, other than training,  renting your QR bike was the best decision I made for IM Boulder! WELL WORTH THE INVESTMENT! NO HASSLE after the long day is over. I enjoyed talking and learning with you all at the QR tent. If you want to write a promotional for your bike or rental program I will sign just about anything. You, your team, and the bike earned my respect, and business if I can scratch up enough cash to make it happen. Not sure what you all could have done to make the process easier. (maybe you do the bike leg next year) Hope you have many great rental weekends ahead." - John


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